So much fake news, Syrians say SHUT-UP to the mass media


These gangsters who support

These gangsters who support the Satanic government in Syria are not Arabic, nor are they Muslim.

To Hell with them. They should leave the Arab world and live in Iran or Rome where they will feel more comfortable. There is no room for disbelievers in the Islamic/Arab world.

Down with Alawite, Rafida, Bahaai's, Nasrallat, Jews, Christians, and Druz. They are the followers of Satan.

Too bad they will end up in Hellfire and will last there for infinity.

Alhamdu-li-Allah I am a MUSLIM and pray to Allah 5 times a day and follow the Sunna of the Messenger of Allah the greate prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). I also respect and love his family, his children and all his companions, and his chaste wives, unlike the disbeliever Rafidas and Alawites

Re:These gangsters who support

Hmm! Thanks for your comment! It explains a lot of what happens here in my beautiful country. I am sad for you, I am sad that you can’t accept others from different religions and philosophies. I pray for you, may God, the source of all love, fill you with all love and peace. Thanks again!

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