undoing AppManifest

Thanks to Igor Djordjevic who brought this to my attention.

To undo AppManfest (restore the default manifest) you have to force the IDE to regenerate the default resource file. And you can achieve this by following these steps:

- delete the external application manifest which AppManifest has added it (Application.exe. manifest).

- delete the default resource file (Application.res).

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إصدار IBrowser 1.2

قمت باصدار النسخة 1.2 من IBrowser . هناك عدد من المزايا الجديدة في هذه النسخة:
- قائمة IBrowser
- تضمين بعض أوامر TortoiseSVN .
- إضافة خيار السحب و الإفلات. يمكن الآن فتح أي ملف عن طريق سحبه من IBrowser .
- إضافة أوامر جديدة إلى قائمة النظام. (فتح باستخدام دلفي-إضافة إلى المشروع).

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IBrowser version 1.2 released

I’ve released IBrowser version 1.2. This version has some new features:
. IBrowser menu.
. Integrate some TortoiseSVN commands. So, now you can do Checkout,commit, Update to folders and files from inside the Delphi IDE (this feature needs TortoiseSVN to be installed)
. Drag support. Open any file in the Delphi IDE by dragging it from IBrowser.
. New commands added to the system context menu (open with Delphi/Add to Project).
. Support multi-select option in the shell tree.

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AppManifest for Delphi2006 released

I've released AppManifest for Delphi2006, even it's not difficult to add a new customisable manifest to Delphi2006 projects, but some folks see that AppManifest can make life easy in Delphi2006 too :)
remember: to let AppManifest works well, don't use XpManifest and AppManifest in the same project.


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AppManifest new Add-In for Delphi2009/2007

In Delphi2007 and Delphi2009 it's a little bit difficult if you want to change the embedded manifest in the Delphi projects, let us say for example if you want to change the Vista UAC options to set the "requestedExecutionLevel" to "requireAdministrator", even there are some workarounds, but these workarounds have "side effects" and need extra work from developers, while in other development environments like Visual Studio this task is quite easy, and you can add manifests to projects like any other items, Now this new Delphi Add-In AppManifest will make this task easy in Delphi as well,

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دعم تعدد المنصات في دلفي قريباً

لكل الذين اختاروا دلفي لتكون من بين أدوات تطويرهم، الخبر السار الذي طال انتظاره ... ربما. ;) مجتمع دلفي يثبت من جديد قدرته على التجدد و ابتداع الحلول: دعم تعدد المنصات قريبا عن طريق إضافة جديدة Plugin الاطلاق الرسمي لها متوقع أن يكون هذا الاسبوع. الدعم في البداية سيكون مقتصراً على منصة الـ MAC ثم ستتبعها الـ Linux وصولاً إلى 64 bit Windows و Windows Mobile
للمزيد عن هذا الخبر المفرح

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Workaround on TDBNavigator,TSpeedButton bug

Some comments on Andreas Hausladen blog asked for help in this TDBNavigator bug QC52439 , I think everybody knows Andress and his great efforts to the Delphi community, so i decided to give Andress a hand on this ;) and here is workaround for this bug:
note: this bug exists in Delphi2007 and Delphi2009
1- open  "Buttons" unit.
2- in the TSpeedButton class  locate these lines in the Paint Procedure

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