My Codes/Tools

here are some tools/codes that I made or work on. I hope you find it useful.


num2a is C library to Convert numbers to its Arabic words representation. you can download this library from github here. you can find more about this library in my blog here.


I made some changes to this famous library to make it possible to build in MS Visual studio. Giflib is c library which can be used to read/write the GIF file format. you can find this library here. you can read about the changes that I made here.


bs.pagination.js is simple jquery script to apply bootstrap pagination in gridview. go to the plugin page on github or read about it in my blog


with this Delphi Add-In you can replace the default built-in manifest in Delphi2009/2006 projects with a new external customizable manifest. read more


enhanced file browser for Delphi, it gives you more options to deal with shell files and directories from inside the Delphi IDE,IBrowser points to the active file in the IDE source editor and shows the contents of it's directory automatically. read more.

English Articles

here are some articles I posted in codeproject and other coding sites:

Building installation project with serial number validation using VSI, Orca, C++, or Delphi

Native (Delphi) callbacks in .NET (C#) COM assembly