Multi user weighbridge software version 2.0 released

SmartBridge is a multi user weighbridge software, it can connect and operate with any weight device/indicator, It’s easy to use and highly configurable software. You can download SmartBridge version 2.0 free trial from the application web page here. You can update your version if you have older one. Please make sure you have the new license key before applying the update.
multi user weighbridge software
In this article I’ll give you quick preview of what is new in this version.

New ImportUtility to import data from external applications
ImportUtility is an external application which you can use it to import data from Excel files into SmartBridge database.

New user role "Manager"
You can assign tasks like (Edit tickets, Delete tickets …) to this role. Settings screen remains for Admin role only.

Support repeating printing ticket on same page.
If you want to repeat printing ticket on the same page, this new option “Repeat print ticket” will help.

User can change the clock format in the Operation screen
User can select the format for the clock that appears in the Operation screen between 24-Hour format and 12-Hour format.

This option applies only on the clock that appears in the Operation screen and doesn’t affect the date-time format in the application.

Support network using embedded Http Server (in professional edition only)
SmartBridge professional edition comes with embedded Http server. This server does not need any further configurations to install or to run. This Http server will make SmartBridge data available through networks by using any internet browser. To get into SmartBridge database, You can write the computer name –or its ip address- followed by the server port –default port is 2333 you can change it from the server settings- in the browser address bar. e.g. or http://my-pc:233/
After successful login a home page shows. It has some statistics information from SmartBridge database that runs on this pc.

this was a quick preview of what's new in version 2.0 and for more information you can check the User's Manual.

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