Cool tip for CodeGear Developers

When the Project path is too long, it will be little boring to reach the project directory through windows explorer every time, so here is a little tip.
from the Tools Menu, select "Configure Tools …", then add a new tool and make the Configuration for this new tool like this.

Program : Explorer
Parameters : $PATH($PROJECT)

so that will take you to project directory by one click, I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this before but it is really a cool tip and cool Macros.


more handy tip by Jim McKeeth

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Nice tip Issam,

Usually I do that with two steps(You made it one now ;)), I click on open icon, and it will show me the current working folder, then click on any folder inside the Open dialog and choose "Explore" and the explorer will pop up with selected folder in current working folder.

Thanks again

BTW, Ramadan Kareem ;-)

Thanks Mohammed,
sorry for this delay in publishing your Comment.
and Ramadan Kareem.

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